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About Gideon Liberty

Gideon Liberty has decades of experience in negotiating M&A deals to sell middle-market companies. We leverage this experience to serve as a trusted advisor for business owners across North America

              Solutions                                      Areas of Expertise
    M&ABuy & Full Deal-Cycle                                 MnAInx-Our Acquisitions
                  Valuations                                                     Capital Solutions    

  Valuation Enhancement                                          Digital Leverage
        Growth & BizDev                                                    Buyer Reach 
                 Private Equity                                            Private M&A Compliance
           Buyers-MnABuy                                                      Sellers-PriXit   
     Sales & Mktg Tech                                           

Dedication to the Middle-Market Business Owner

The biggest customer that a business will ever have is the one that buys it.
Selling your business for maximum value requires a different set of skills and perspective than running it. Filled with obstacles and unexpected challenges, selling a business requires experience, buyer relationships and diligence. Gideon Liberty drives the process by resolving conflicts that arise during the complicated sales process, while never losing sight of the business owner’s goals – selling for optimal value. This commitment allows you to focus on running your business and keeping your growth plans on track. Implementing a transition strategy today will help you ensure maximum value when the time is right to sell. 

Buyer Relationships
To react to the changing buying marketplace, Gideon Liberty places strong emphasis on maintaining and building relationships with all types of buyers. Gideon Liberty will be host of the Private Investor eConference, June 9th, 2023. Through participation in the online event, wall street firms, family offices, high-net individuals & private equity groups have access to Gideon Liberty’s inventory of businesses for acquisition. The Private Investors eConference provided an exceptional advantage for clients to benefit from our combined 60+ years of international and domestic buyer relationship development and continuous information exchange. Visit our events page frequently to read about upcoming online conferences.

Additional Exposure

Have you seen our new enhanced buyer network, register now?
Gideon Liberty's buyer network & exchange provides additional value to our clients by confidentially posting companies for sale that can be viewed by potential buyers. The site includes a listing of company profiles by industry and region and allows discrete exposure for your company to buyers across the world.  This innovative platform
is loaded with technology enhancements and the most exciting new features give our buyers the ability to register, save prior searches and maintain a history within the site.

Register to attend a webinar

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