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A Leading M&A Resource For Buyers

Insight into leading private firms in North America gives strategic buyers considerable advantage for geometric growth via targeted acquisitions.

Acquisition Opportunities

As a leading firm specializing in middle-market mergers and acquisitions for years, The GIdeon Buyer Platform provides a valuable resource for buyers seeking to acquire private companies in this market segment. Our client companies represent a diverse selection of acquisition opportunities from a broad range of industry sectors.

Gideon's experience in sourcing, valuing and selling private micro & middle-market companies bring buyers and sellers together and assists buyers in achieving their acquisition goals and expediting the transaction process.



Gideon Liberty's client companies that are available for acquisition represent a broad spectrum in terms of diverse industry sectors and geographic locations. The documentation available to prospective buyers is designed to provide a clear and objective view of the business, its past performance and future potential.

If you would like to explore some of our current acquisition opportunities, please click here.

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