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Industry Expertise

Gideon’s executive & leadership team is comprised of Investment Banking M&A experts with over 65+ years experience in C-level leadership across companies spanning 12 different industries. Through their guidance, Gideon Liberty began offering M&A services to select firms we had the most deal-making success & experience.

Intelligent Industry-Focused Dealmaking


Every deal is different, dealmaking across any industry can have complexities and variables which without specific dealmakers, M&A advisors and business analysts with direct experience to mitigate deal drag, we quickly learn what makes your firm unique. We begin each partnership by listening and asking questions to better understand your transactional goals to create a customized plan specific to your firm. Many firms in our space try to create cookie-cutter boiler plate approach that just doesn't work in today's economic landscape. Having a firm that understands how to highlight and maximize your tangible and intangible assets as well as forward owning potential to ensure you and any other stakeholders reach your financial summit

The highly experienced investment banking advisors on our Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory (M&A) teams have decades of experience in providing a wide range of sell-side and buy-side M&A advisory services to middle market companies and private equity firms. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, our industry-focused M&A advisors will combine deep sector expertise with superior transaction execution skills, and a vast network of strategic and financial relationships to help achieve your goals. Our broad yet extensive level of top-tier experience, industry-focused relationships, and world-class partner network have made us the fastest growing M&A firm going into 2023 in both Micro to Middle Markets dwarfing any other M&A or Investment Banking firm in the history of the private sector.

Industries We Serve:

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