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Outside of your M&A advisors & a few others like your Council or CPA, the least people that know you're planning an exit the better as it can only hurt your deal when the right buyer is finally engaged, and a deal is struck.


Dear Founder & Business Owner's: Gideon Liberty & Co is a full-service private Investment Banking firm not affiliated with any governmental agency. Outside of employees or authorized agents of Gideon Liberty, the information that you will be providing during your qualification process will not be shared with anyone.

If the parties continue the relationship beyond the initial on-site or on-line analysis any information will not be released without your prior consent & approval and only to a buyer, investor, investor group, or corporation that meets a specific set of criteria qualifications previously agreed in terms of service & representation.

It is not recommended that you disclose the nature of the initial meeting to your employees. It will not be necessary to inform your employees until the objective has been successful, i.e., the business is sold, or the funding has occurred. All Business Analysts at Gideon Liberty have been trained in handling the meeting and contact with you in such a manner that will maintain confidentiality. The purpose of this confidential information is to provide you with a professional education concerning your business and the options you have based on the current market landscape & company performance, foundation value, as well as forward earning potential. - Sincerely, John Holtz, Chairman & CEO - Gideon Liberty & Co.

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