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Executives & Leadership

Helping Owners Win with Intelligent-Transactions & Transitions


Our Mission

We here at Gideon Liberty believe in the American Dream, we truly understand that the private business owner drives the economy and employ more people than the Fortune 2000. We are led almost entirely of former private business owners, extremely bright and driven individuals that strive daily for excellence and ensuring we create a pleasant selling and buyer experience.


We believe creating a clean deal is paramount to not just ensure we are the best sell-side M&A firm but keep buyers happy as well to ensure a pleasant dealmaking and most of all transition experience to ensure a true strategic alignment with the seller and buyer.  Our people understand what it's like to put blood, sweat, and tears into a company for many years & decades. We help owners win daily whether it be through organic and geometric growth consulting or establishing a successful business exit and/or transition for top value. Schedule an evaluation call today to learn about our dealmakers, strategists & valuation experts, and meet with our #1 M&A Award-Winning deal teams.

Meet The Team

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John Holtz

CEO & Managing Principal


Amanda Holtz

Chief Operations Officer

Lauren Luna.jpg

Lauren Luna

Chief Experience Officer

John W_edited_edited.jpg

Frank Milsted

CFO & Managing Principal


Eric Hess

Sr. Vice President of M&A


Greg Fox

Executive Managing Director

Buyer & Business Development Team

Timothy El Alaoui - Executive Managing Director -
Megan Buckel - SVP  of Client Success
Sharon Allen - Sr. M&A Director -
oe Cowan - Sr. Buyer Data Analyst -
John Woods - Sr. Managing Director -
Tammy Roebuck - Chief Business Development Officer -
Mike Longstreth - Chief Revenue Officer -
Adrian Perales - Executive
Dealmaker -
Kyle Barker - Sr. Buyer Data Analyst -
Holmes - Sr. M&A Advisor -

Advisory Board

Our advisory board includes our co-founders along with many other leaders in their respective industries, that have founded companies from 18-390 million in annual revenues and had very successful exits ranging from 33 - 522 million. With a combined corporate & CEO experience of over 190+ years and 65+ years in M&A, 2 of which have worked directly with some of the largest WallStreet firms including Bank of America, Carlyle Group, Merril Lynch, & Citi Group. Our board combined with, an extremely driven and intelligent Executive-Leadership team gives us the punching power of a large wall-street firm without the upfront wall-street prices & large upfront fees. Our board is helping guide us to ensure we can democratize the approach for owners with giving them the resources and connections they need in order to exit/sell with confidence, while giving the deal the true attention it deserves and using time tested deal-making principles along with extremely sophisticated and very proactive dealmaking & multi-channel buyer-investor marketing approaches that are AI-Driven powered. Gideon also does a thorough quantitative market analysis & marketing strategy for both our valuation & dealmaking teams to reach the most ideal & likely of buyers/equity investors to get your deal done for maximum liquidity, while ensuring a good strategic alignment. We handle the entire process from proper buyer-investor documentation (that highlights both tangible & intangible assets - customized valuation - assets & liabilities - strategic operational structure - and last but certainly not least highlighting your firms forward-earning GROWTH potential to ensure an aggressive topline, while mitigating tax liabilities, (Capital Gains) through intelligent deal structures. 
To contact anyone specifically from our Executive Leadership or Advisory Board, simply email or feel free to check out our company LinkedIn page.


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