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Our Process

Gideon Liberty takes the time to learn what makes our clients unique in their marketplace, determine their value, and create a customized approach to ensure maximum liquidity while providing a clean deal that benefits the seller and key employees.

Gideon Liberty’s Cornerstone Approach

We begin all client services with Gideon Liberty’s Cornerstone Approach, a thorough, systemized process for exploring the sale of a company which engages our clients in communication and decision making throughout each stage – from conducting the confidential financial analysis, marketing the company to strategic buyers and conducting due diligence. Ultimately, it is our goal to secure the best after-tax value for a company.

Phase 1 - Pre-Sale Planning – The Foundation of the Process

  1. Evaluation
    The first step in any strategic decision making is the evaluation. Interested in selling, buying or growing? Whatever your ultimate destination, you need a roadmap to get there. If you are interested in selling, the evaluation establishes the floor of value and triggers the transaction structuring required to meet your selling goals. If growing your business, the evaluation provides you today’s baseline value, which is crucial information for strategic growth design.

  2. Decision Point
    During this step, Gideon Liberty works with you to review the evaluation and carefully consider your personal needs and desires. We will discuss answers to the following questions: What types of buyers are best for your business? What are your options regarding deal structuring? And, what tax strategies should be explored before moving forward?

  3. Exit Plan
    Firefighting the daily challenges of running your business leaves little time for developing a comprehensive exit strategy. Gideon Liberty steps in and steers this process, resulting in an action plan that is driven toward maximum value. If your exit strategy is years down the road, we can prepare a "Strategic Growth Analysis" to keep you on track to securing maximum value.


Phase 2 - Marketing Your Business

  1. Develop Buyer Prospects
    The best buyer is the one who can meet your goals. This makes it essential that your motivation for selling is clear before you begin the process. Your motivation will influence the price, terms and conditions of the sale. Our experience has revealed three types of buyers: financial, strategic and synergistic. Regardless of the buyer’s agenda, we ensure the final deal satisfies your agenda.

  2. Requests for Confidential Business Review
    Once the decisions are made, and your motivation and vision for the company are clear, how will you express this to potential buyers? Gideon Liberty creates a “Confidential Business Review” to deliver precisely what the buyer needs to know in order to move to the next level of acquisition. To craft the “Confidential Business Review,” Gideon Liberty:

    • reviews the history of the business and your background

    • discusses the organization and its personnel

    • reviews financial statements and business operations

    • reviews pricing policy, margins and profit centers

    • discusses suppliers, customers, and competitors

    • analyzes a step-by-step order of sale

    • evaluates future prognosis, opportunities for growth

    • examines possible pitfalls, negative trends and future dangers.

    • looks for opportunities to enhance value and improve performance

  3. Review Preliminary Offers
    Labeling your company with an asking price limits your options before you even go to market. Instead, Gideon Liberty listens to the potential buyer to first determine their perception of value. These perceptions often differ widely from buyer to buyer. Understanding these perceptions is critical to reaching a final deal that adheres to your agenda and satisfies the buyer’s sense of value.

  4. Negotiating / Deal Structuring
    Once the value perceptions are unmasked, negotiating a mutually-acceptable purchase agreement is the next step. Deals can be structured many ways, and tax planning is crucial in every option. Whether you want to remain involved or sell outright, careful structuring removes obstacles to your goals and eliminates “deal-breakers” and planning issues that can haunt your post-sale years.


Phase 3 - Closing

  1. Final Letter of Intent
    The “Letter of Intent” provides a broad outline of the understanding between the seller and the buyer. It includes terms of the eventual transaction, such as cash payment, asset transfers, other contemplated exchanges and the seller’s post-sale participation plans, if applicable. After reaching consensus on the “Letter of Intent,” Gideon Liberty begins the process of eliminating obstacles to closing the deal.

  2. Due Diligence
    The sensitive process of allowing outsiders a close-up look at your business can be intimidating. Buyers typically enlist various professionals to review your business operations and financials to verify the accurate representation of your company. Gideon Liberty acts as your liaison and steward throughout this process.

  3. Definitive Purchase Agreement
    After a successful due-diligence process, this document details all aspects of the transaction, and upon execution legally transfers the stock and/or assets of your company to the buyer in accordance with your accepted terms.

  4. Closing
    Closing day is a great day. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than this culmination of your years of hard work building your business and our commitment to attaining the maximum value for it

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