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Gideon Liberty

Company Profile

For over 65+ years of combined experience our three founding principals have helped thousands of organizations in various stages of the business cycle, from arranging financing to conducting acquisition searches, to negotiating attractive terms and completing successful sales transactions.

Our clients are typically middle, capital market and even emerging growth (micro-small) companies with annual revenues in the range of $1 million to $750 million. They include both private and public companies, private equity groups, family-owned businesses, and high net worth individuals.

We offer a comprehensive range of financial programs structured to enable us to maximize both the value and the after-tax net worth of our clients.

For all our clients, we offer foundational advisory services to guide owner decision-making:

  • Analysis of the Strategic Options Available

  • Valuation

  • Business Plan Development

  • Strategic Growth Consulting

For clients seeking to sell their business, we can execute:

  • Asset and/or Stock Sale

  • Divestiture

  • Tax-Free Reorganization

For clients seeking to grow their business, we offer services to expand through:

  • Acquisition

  • Mergers/Joint Ventures

  • Market, Product Expansion

  • Significant Operational Improvement


For clients looking for financial flexibility, our services include:

  • Debt and Equity Private Placements

  • Senior Revolving Lines of Credit

  • Subordinated Debt and Equity

  • Corporate Partnerships with Gideon Liberty

GIdeon Liberty provides world-class M&A services from helping small (micro) market firms to middle-market & capital market transactions. Our industry platforms & exchanges have democratized M&A for owners. Hear what our clients say regarding how we changed their lives.

"If Goldman is MicroSoft, Gideon Liberty is Apple changing the private sector one deal at a time." 

Gideon helps owners with a custom valuation that includes a 16–18-page summary and overview, to include how market conditions affect value along with how things like forward-earning potential and non-tangible & off-balance-sheet assets & many other value enhancers can help you reach your summit. 

Documenting Value

  • Recasting historical financial statements

  • Preparing pro forma financial information

  • Identifying future market opportunities

Gideon Liberty assists with private placements of debt and equity capital to fund company growth, acquisitions & recapitalizations. We also provide capital restructuring with a world-wide network of capital providers, both institutional & private, we work with you to develop and implement sound corporate financing strategies, resulting in access to the most appropriate capital markets within your space.


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